I am currently seeking the ultimate band situation. I say situation because I don't want the pressure of having to tour (although I am not opposed to playing out). I just want to play, in a relaxed atmosphere, be able to record it and put it on the Internet for others to check out.

I have been playing in theory ever since my older brother had his band jam at our house, in 1984. I got my first kit in 1986. The worst piece of crap for $50. In 1988 I got my 5 piece black Pearl Export Series and have had that ever since. Later on, I added a 10 inch tom to get those really cool down the set fills. I have been adding to it ever since. Not just drums but other toys as well. A digital processor for when we mic'd up. I could do some crazy shit with that. Then I got a Roland SPD-11, which led straight to the Yamaha DTX v2.0. I needed something to pump out the sound for these and stumbled upon a wicked AMP and Cabinet combo. Basically it is the poor man's Neal Peart set up... I have to turn my seat around, instead of having the entire kit spin.

I began the usual way, in crappy bands that just played as loud as they can, but later found some guys that could play really well. Then I figured out that you could actually make more money in the music industry working for good bands instead of trying to be one. I worked for the New Potato Caboose for a year and later joined up with a sound company called WagTech. Currently I work at the Nissan Pavilion, running a camera they use to project on the the big screens on either side of the stage.

Now I am seeking some folks to play with that want to record some kick ass jams and perhaps write some stuff too. I currently lack the ability to turn recording into Mp3s.

Optimally, I am looking for a Funky Bass player and a Power Guitarist/Singer with a place to play where the neighbors will never mind the noise, is relaxed and smoke free (I don't mind smoking, just not while I am playing or eating), and the ability to record (preferably digitally) and then mix down to .mp3 format. Don't want much do I?

Musical Influences include (not necessarily in any order): TOOL, RUSH, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Pearl Jam, Beatles, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, The Police and Primus.

I would call my style of playing "Crisply Rocking, with fast complex fills, bordering on heavy jazz." I can play fairly well in many odd times including 7/8, 7/4 and 11/8 and 23/8. Normal 4/4, 4/8 and 6/8 beats I am very proficient with. My weakness is a plodding funk tempo. I can do it, I just can't _rock_it.

E-mail me if you can help me out!