Though it is nearing midday, the forest is completely dark. Flashing light plays tricks on your eyes and normal jungle shapes now resemble the most eerie of phantasms. More than once, you see gleaming cat eyes and must convince yourself it is only a reflection or shadow before emptying your weapon. The slightest movement causes your muscles to tense and in this wind, there are no slight movements. Everyone is shouting and the storm rages louder than ever for what seems like an eternity (roughly 15 minutes) while you all continue to scan for big cats.

For an extended moment, the crashing and flashing halts. Muscles tense again, preparing for the next light and audio blast, but it does not come. Only a low rumble moving across the sky to the south is heard and the rain and wind resolve to a calm trickle and easy moist gusts.

Dim light begins to return to the forest and while you continue to scan the trees for big cats, you see that Janice lies sprawled on the forest floor in what is left of your shelter, eyes unblinking and staring blankly beyond the canopy.
On her extensive neck is a clean wound that runs just under her chin to her left ear, it is deep and open. A slight trickle of blood continues to flow and the floor of the forest is dyed crimson. Her original abdomen wound has been reopened and her smooth belly is splayed wide for all to see its depths.

For those that missed the previous message, there was text there (similar to this) instrucing you to shoot if you found it. The Doc found it, but he missed. Doc, please give yourself 5 PP!

Thanks you for participating, and be on the lookout for more secret message pages in the future.