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I didn't see the series when it was on, even though my friends told me it was killer. And I didn't go to see Serenity in the theater, although I wanted to. I rented the DVD when it came out and after watching the movie the second time I was hooked. There wasn't much I didn't like about the way Joss and company did things. I immediately went out and bought the movie and the entire series. Watched from the beginning and felt that gnawing pain inside after each episode that comes from knowing there would be no more to enjoy after they were all done. Sort of like knowing that Mozart would never write another symphony.

So the only alternative I had was to start imagining the role-playing possibilities. I had considered using the d20 system which I think would have been fine, but while I was doing research I stumbled on the Serenity RPG book. Once I had this I began working on the spreadsheet (my preferred medium for creating character sheets) for the character sheet.

I fell in love with the setting, the dialogue, the stories and especially the characters of the movie and series. Who couldn't admire Mal even though he claims to be a "bad man". Zoe was beautiful and deadly and how could she not fall for the light-hearted and talented Wash. Kalee was the girl next door who could overhaul any ship. Cute, smart and adoringly innocent. Inara was dreamy and sophisticated while my favorite, Jayne was crude and manly, yet the best one to cover your back. Shephard Book was godly, but I believe he wasn't always that way. I believe he left behind a life that would give us all nightmares. Simon was brilliant and devoted to his sister, River, who had only begun to realize her full potential still suffers from what the Alliance did to her. This family, on a dearly loved ship, flying to be free was a concept I could endearingly embrace. I hope you enjoy the work I have done and you are welcome to contribute and critique.